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A Prompt Response

Yesterday, fellow blogger and Powershell guru, Jeff Hicks posted an article about how to do some neat things with your Powershell prompt.  (You can find his article here.) To add to his entry, I would like to share how I … Continue reading

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Clearing Your Akamai CDN Cache with Powershell – Redux

About a year ago, I wrote an entry concerning clearing your Akamai Content using Powershell and the SOAP API they published then.  I have noticed that article has been getting some additional love recently.  Since it has surged in popularity, … Continue reading

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Check out my “Hey, Scripting Guy!” Blog Post

Today, the “Hey, Scripting Guy!” blog has featured an article that I wrote about using Powershell with Windows event logs.  Be sure to go check out the article at the link below.

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Clearing Your Akamai Content Delivery Network Cache with Powershell

The API referenced in this article will expire on June 1, 2014.  Please click here to go to the updated article on this information. Recently, I had to do some work on a project with Akamai caching.  Part of that … Continue reading

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Advanced Event 3 – 2013 Scripting Games

We have made it to the midpoint of the Scripting Games.  I think that a lot has been learned and there is still more to learn.  This is really the whole reason for the games; to get people to learn … Continue reading

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Advanced Event 2 – 2013 Scripting Games

The games continue! The second event has closed and voting has begun. There is still time for you to jump in and try your hand at learning Powershell. There is some really good feedback to be had to sharpen your … Continue reading

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Advanced Event 1 – 2013 Powershell Scripting Games

The games have finally started!  If you have not registered to participate, you can still jump in, however, the first event submissions are closed and we are in the midst of voting. This year, things are being run a little … Continue reading

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The Scripting Games are Coming, The Scripting Games are Coming, The Scripting Games are Coming!

I was not able to participate in the games last year, but I am very excited to try the new changes to the games this year, get involved, and maybe even learn some new things about Powershell. If you are … Continue reading

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Content Export in Sharepoint 2007

Sometimes, looking at an object model and all the options available can get you into trouble. This happened with me while trying to figure out how to export content from a Sharepoint publishing site.  I was hoping to download information … Continue reading

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The Xbox Connection – Part 3

Thanks for joining me for this third and final article on using Powershell to get Xbox Live information.  In the first article, I introduced you to the Xbox web service API and showed how to get information on a user … Continue reading

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